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Step 1: Save the Date

Make creating inner peace a reality by adding the date and time of this strategy-packed Masterclass to your iPhone, google or planner calendar. You’ll receive an email with the subject link “Your Masterclass Links” — which is zooming to your inbox as we speak.


Step 2: Grab your free workbook

Save your workbook onto your preferred device (or opt for a classic printout!). Utilize the workbook for jotting down notes on the actionable items you intend to put into practice after attending the Masterclass.


Step 3: Don't forget to claim your free bonus

Unlock Your Quick Guide to a Mental Boost: Four Mindfulness Growth Strategies by downloading it at the 10-minute point in your scheduled masterclass. Packed with real-world examples, these tactics can be applied right away to supercharge your efforts in building your psychological flexibility.”

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