Mental Health Tracker to MINIMIZE ANXIETY and MAXIMIZE the Speed of Achieving your Biggest Goals

Do you know that managing anxiety, self-esteem, and manifesting intimidates most people?

It’s because no one has ever given them the tools that they need.

There is a way to minimize your anxiety, improve your self-esteem, and manifest the goals of your dreams.

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you will love because

You will develop your self awareness skills. By tracking moods, thoughts, and behaviors, you can identify patterns and gain insights into your mental well-being.

A mental health tracker can serve as a reflective tool, encouraging you to check in with yourself regularly and cultivate a habit of mindfulness and bring you closer to having the ideal mindset for manifesting.

You will have a self-help and manifestation tool that is simple and easy-to-implement. It doesn’t require extra time or effort but can yield positive results with regular use.


You will be able to identify specific situations, events, or activities that may impact your anxiety or self-esteem. This information can be crucial in developing coping strategies and getting past triggers.

Hey there, I'm Sabrina!

And I know exactly what it feels like to deal with anxiety, low self-esteem, and feeling like your biggest goals will NEVER become accomplished. 

In 2020, during the face of COVID uncertainty, I was dealing with the birth of my first newborn and the unknown of my husband’s and I’s income source.

I felt completely terrified, overwhelmed, and stressed that we were never going to be where I wanted us to be. I was anxious about us continuing to rack up more debt . I was anxious about our relationship going down the drain since the financial pressure was on and my anxiety was on full blast.

It wasn’t until I started grad school to become a therapist. Then, I furthered my studies even more by diving deeper into the spiritual realm of the mind.  We have now paid off over $20,000 in debt, we bought our first home, and now our marriage feel very identical to the feeling we had when we first started dating 10 years ago!

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