Here is a curated selection of valuable resources and affiliate partnerships that align with the mission of promoting holistic well-being and mental health.

I believe in the power of collaboration and want to provide you with access to products and services that can support your holistic journey to mental wellness. Feel free to share the page around to anyone who might find them useful. 

I Heart Crafty Things

FREE Coloring Book Pages to help relieve worrisome thoughts.


Provides a way to track your mood in order to prevent or avoid triggers.


Free private online journal


A scientifically backed way to help increase energy and to produce cellular rejuvination for an increased wellbeing.

Real Subliminal

 Use subliminal message to rewire your brain to break away from the cycle of worry and stress. 


More info coming soon..

Clear Fear

Helps adolescents to manage anxiety symptoms by learning to regulate physiological responses.

Calm Harm

Provides help in resisting the urge to self harm.


Science based games to act as a quick fix for a mental health boost.


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