15 Self Reflection Questions to Upgrade Your Life.

Hey, my fabulous reader! 

My birthday is around the corner! And you know that birthdays are a time for celebration and partying it up.

BUT sometimes you might miss the reflection part during your birthdays. You might be thinking “ohmahh gosh. Reflecting on your birthday?! No thanks.” But I promise you and hear me out. This is a must, and it can be done in a way that does not have to be draining or dreadful.

It might even be something that you look forward to.

You can still party and make time for some reflection affection. 

Because without it, you might be celebrating being a year older but you might not be celebrating a times worth of mindset growth.

Because, what if on our birthdays, we gave ourselves the gift of investing in ourselves mentally? How do you think you would feel?

What if we gave ourselves the investment of more dedication to shift our perspective? This would be where we see mistakes not as failures, but as valuable lessons and opportunities for growth. What kind of life do you think you would have?

This blog post explores the impact of self reflection and explores a collection of self-reflection questions designed to ignite your inner contemplation in an easy and simple way when you become a year older (but of course, you can do this at anytime).

Before we get to the types of self reflection questions, let’s talk about how to make this exciting. 


How can I make this self reflection thing exciting?

Simple reflection prompts written down in a favorite journal can make this a breeze. My favorite journal is the Law of Attraction Planner. It helps you keep your mind focused on the prize!

But there are still some even MORE ways you can make this fun. Choose a positive setting with a pleasant atmosphere where you can answer yourself self reflection questions. I’m talking lighting candles, playing calming music, using scents that bring you joy, anything that you know brings you calmness like you’re in your safe space.

For me, it’s making my space as spa like as possible. 

Experiment with different methods and find what resonates with you the most. Then, treat yourself after a particulary insightful moment. After all, you deserve it. You have done something that most people don’t do but should.

And the most important thing. Only do a few at a time. These self reflection questions are meant to be suggestions. Use the ones that you feel you should answer the most.


self reflection questions written in a planner

How to ask the self reflection questions without fear of bringing up unprocessed traumas.

What has worked for most of my therapy clients is starting off small. Then, they work their way towards the bigger and more impactful self reflection questions when they are ready with their coping skills in tact.

I would never recommend going through questions that are too tough without having a good grasp of healthy coping skills. And with this being said, go at your own pace, even if it’s a slow pace.

Any progress IS progress.

Small self reflection questions like “What has been your greatest insight as you grow a year older?” may be small for one person may be a big question for you. 

It is very subjective, and this must be based on your experience only.

Because let me tell you the impact of self reflection questions. It all coincides with manifesting. The missing part of manifesting that not a lot of people talk about is the importance of taking care of the inner child wounds.

And this is a constant piece of work..

To manifest your ideal dream life, it’s important to heal yourself from low self-esteem and constant worrying so you can feel worthy of having all of those wonderful things.

You must heal your worries. You must heal any part of you that is stuck in constant negative self-talk and self-doubt.

Now lets head straight to the most engaging part. The actual self-reflection questions.


Types of Self Reflection Questions

1. Self Care and Well-Being: Consider your physical and mental well-being:

  • How well have I prioritized self-care in the past year?
  • What habits contribute positively to my overall well-being, and which ones may need adjustment?
  • What mindful practices can I incorporate to enhance my daily life?

2. Life's Lessons and Growth: Reflect on the lessons learned and the growth experienced over the past year

  • What achievements and milestones have I reached in the past year that I’m proud of?
  • What aspects of my life bring me the greatest joy and fulfillment?
  • What challenges have I faced, and how have they contributed to my personal growth?
  • In what ways have I expanded my skills, knowledge, and understanding of the world?
  • How can I carry these lessons forward into the coming year?

3. Dreams and Aspirations: Reconnect with your dreams and set intentions for the future

  • Are there dreams or goals I’ve put on hold that deserve attention in the coming year?
  • How can I align my actions with my long-term aspirations?
  • What steps can I take to turn my dreams into achievable goals?

4. Relationships: Evaluate the quality of your relationships and connections with others:

  • Who are the people who have had a significant impact on my life this past year?
  • How can I nurture and strengthen my relationships with loved ones?
  • Are there any relationships that may need reassessment or communication?


By engaging with these self reflection questions, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your journey, and your aspirations. As you blow out the candles, let them symbolize not just the passing of another year and an opportunity to party hard, but the opportunity to take a look at the continued growth, purpose, and fulfillment in your life. 

If you want even more hands-on guidance with all things anxiety, self esteem, mindfulness, and manifesting, sign up for the waitlist for Mental Wealth Academy

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